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100% Open source collaboration tools: email, calendaring, Mattermost chat, webRTC video meetings, document collaboration with LibreOffice Online, integration with file storage services and more.

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Every line of Kopano is in our public Git repositories which allows everyone to dive into the code. Want to work on a feature and provide a patch? Have a look at the CONTRIBUTING files in the individual repositories.


We are providing nightly builds of the Kopano software for various distributions. These builds are coming from the master branches of our git repositories and contain the latest developments.

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We’d love to hear about your experience with the project! Running into an issue or seeing room for improvement? Report your issues or suggestions in our forum.

Community Projects and Resources

We are hosting a small but growing list of third party projects in relation to Kopano. Click on the topic list to directly jump to the according subsection of the list. Everyone is welcome to get involved by creating listing entries for their projects, suggest new categories, or participate in other ways. If you would like to contribute, please make sure to review the contribution guideline included in the repository.


Kopano Groupware Core

Kopano Core is the MAPI based server component at the heart of the Kopano stack. It provides collaboration features around email, contacts and calendaring and provides access to many different clients.

Kopano WebApp

Kopano WebApp is the main client to access all the features provided by the Kopano stack. It is themeable and flexible: it can be extended using add-ons. Many different add-ons are already available, such as Files and Web Meetings.

Kopano DeskApp

Kopano DeskApp adds features found in desktop applications to Kopano WebApp. As a native application built with NW.js it provides the flexibility to be used as the default email client on any platform while leaving all control at the WebApp server.


Z-Push, the leading open source ActiveSync implementation allows to synchronize and manage ActiveSync enabled devices. It supports mobile phones, tablets and with the new release of Z-Push 2.2.2, also Microsoft Outlook.


Kopano Meet is a video calling app that can be used on any mobile platform without having to install a separate client application. Its set of functionalities includes high-definition video and audio, one-to-one video calling, group calls and screensharing.


Every year, Kopano team members visit various tech and open source conferences. Check out the posts below to learn more about their experiences.

Univention SummitEach year Univention partners, resellers and customers meet up

FOSDEMFor the 2nd time present with a booth

CLTOne of the biggest FOSS events in Germany

Luxembourg data Protection Days Live demos and many networking opportunities.

Reproducible BuildsKopano will participate in a three-day workshop

Open Rhein RuhrKopano will be present at Open Rhein Ruhr 2018

Susecon Kopano and Ceph – High available – High Scalable groupware & data platform

DidactaDidacta is Europe’s largest education trade fair

Cloudfest Hackathon Simon and Felix will join the Hackathon in Invitation of id4me

NLUUGBrian Joseph will speak at NLUUG in Utrecht

TeqNationFelix Bartels will speak about OpenId at TeqNation 2019

ownCloud conferenceKopano will be there with a booth at the openSUSE Conference.

ownCloud conferenceKopano is a sponsor of Own Cloud Conference 2019