Welcome to the community space of Kopano

This page is the main community landing page for all its members contributing to the upstream projects of Kopano. For a collection of third-party extensions to the Kopano product suite, please refer to z-hub.io.

Feature / Bug Tracking

We'd love to hear about your experience with the project! Running into an issue or see room for improvement? Report your issues or suggestions in our Jira bug tracker. Need an account? You can register right here.

Git Repository

Every line of Kopano code is kept in our Git repositories. Everyone can dive into the code! Want to contribute? Create a bug tracking account to get access.

Knowledge Base

The Kopano project consists of a lot of different components that all interact with each other. There are many different configuration options and possibilities. Visit the knowledge base for some easy steps to get started, tips, tricks and troubleshooting.

What is Kopano?

Kopano is a thoroughly modern communication stack.

It's fully MAPI based server (Core) provides access to email, contacts, calendaring through a web interface (WebApp), on the desktop (DeskApp) and can be used with mobile devices. Integration with online meetings tools based on WebRTC (Web Meetings) and integration with file storage services (Files) provide a complete set of tools to work together. These tools: Core, WebApp, DeskApp, Web Meetings and Files are all open source, licensed under the AGPLv3 license!


We would love to invite you to help shape the future of the Kopano stack. Get involved by helping others and discussing on the board or mailing lists. Write suggestions for improvements or report bugs in the bug tracker. Or even submit patches for documentation or the codebase!


Kopano Core

Kopano Core is the MAPI based server component at the heart of the Kopano stack. It provides collaboration features around email, contacts and calendaring and provides access with many different clients.

Kopano WebApp

Kopano WebApp is the main client to access all the features provided by the Kopano stack. It is themeable and flexible: it can be extended using add-ons. Many different add-ons are already available, such as Files and Web Meetings.

Kopano DeskApp

Kopano DeskApp adds features found in desktop applications to Kopano WebApp. As a native application built with NW.js it provides the flexibility to be used as the default email client on any platform while leaving all control at the WebApp server.


Z-Push, the leading open source ActiveSync implementation allows to synchronize and manage ActiveSync enabled devices. It supports mobile phones, tablets and with the new release of Z-Push 2.2.2, also Microsoft Outlook.